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Wide Plastic Basket with lid - Nesting set of 5

Wide Plastic Basket with lid - Nesting set of 5


Our wide plastic basket sets: sturdy, durable and washable, in a broader and shorter format from our regular basket sets. They are popularly called 'train baskets' because they fit comfortably under the seat on the train! These baskets are a good replacement for single use plastic bags, and last for many years. Use these cheerful baskets as shopping bags, lunch baskets and picnic baskets!



Super large - 14" x 9", 9.5"ht

Large - 13" x 8.5", 9"ht

Medium - 12" x 7.5", 8.5"ht

Small - 11" x 7", 8"ht

Tiny - 10" x 6", 7.5"ht


Out of Stock

    These baskets are made of recyclable plastic tape. As they are handwoven, there will be slight size variations. These marks of individuality add to the products' uniqueness.

    No returns/refunds.

    Care: Wipe with wet cloth and allow to air dry. Washable with soapy water in case of food spills. Do not store exposed to sunlight.

    Please recycle.


    Shipping using local delivery services/courier services in 7 - 14 days.

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