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Grain Cleaner (B&W)

Grain Cleaner (B&W)


Generally used for separating grain from the chaff, these grain cleaners or winnowing trays are a common sight in agricultural villages. Now these beautiful trays are used as home decor, and as statement pieces to enhance walls and living spaces.



Large - L 15" x H 20" 

Small - L 13" x H 17.5"


Out of Stock

    These baskets are made of palm leaf and palm stalk. As they are hand dyed and handwoven, there will be slight colour and size variations. These marks of individuality add to the products' uniqueness.

    No returns/refunds.

    Care: Wipe with dry cloth. In case the product gets wet, air dry thoroughly.


    Shipping using local delivery services/courier services in 7 - 14 days.

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